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Been Busy...

I have been knitting.

This is my handspun Pampas under way.  I love this knit but it is time consuming when you are beading plus it is not something I can work on in the car while waiting for school to get out unless I have finished the beading rows, so I guess it is kind of stop and go knitting.
I also started Flutter in Yarn Chef Creme Brulee. It is much farther along but really just looks longer so not much to see.
I dyed this for my next lace project, Nefertiti.
I have started spinning it but it is far from done.
I did finish spinning these 4 one ounce bundles into...
Into this yarn.  A 2ply with almost no matching up of the plies.  I want to take the colors to their extremes and this really seemed to.
And this...
Into this 3ply.
I think I want to make socks out of this since I got enough yardage out of it but it seems almost too pretty for socks.


Lovely Pampas! I haven't tried beaded knitting yet so I admire those who can!

I love your handspun! You're inspiring me to sit at the wheel!

Posted by: JessaLu | 06/06/2009

Whoa! I love that last roving....that colorway is amazing! And that first beaded project...what IS it??? It's gorgeous! I can't believe you're able to use your handspun for that.

You. Are. Awesome!

Please share what pattern that is? Please! LOL!

Posted by: Gina aka SleepyEyes | 06/17/2009

I love the last green/teal yarn, your spinning is lovely!

Posted by: machelle | 02/05/2010

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